I was looking for a photo I was going to use for another fake news story but thought this looked more interesting. It isn't every day you see yourself as a toddler.

Here is a phtoto of me in what I am estimating to be early 1978, judging by the way I fill out the high chair. I am definitely at my Grandma's house on the farm they lived on at the time southwest of Beresford, before the semi-retirement move into town.

I don't know but this pic could even be of me staying at Grandma's house while I was having my status as baby of the family revoked by the arrival of my brother, who is just 15 months younger than me. I'm basing this amateur forensic analysis on my size and appearance compared to photos of my older son at around the time my younger son was born. My brother was also born in May and the short sleeved shirt and bright colored pants may be a sign that it was in the spring. It could also just be a random day at Grandma's house.

The photo below is also at the same Grandma's house. (Why is it always Grandma's, not Grandma and Grandpa's house?) Definitely Christmas 1978. I'm too small to be almost 3 years old, and there's wrapping paper all over the floor and while we had a piano we never had a coffee table or a pad on our piano bench.

Erickson Family Photo
Erickson Family Photo

I would be willing to be there is a 75% chance that I ate a cookie shortly before or after the photo was taken.

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