I've wanted to make "Lullaby" by Shawn Mullins my Throwback Thursday song for a while now, but the public doesn't always love a slow jam.

I finally just decided it was too good of a song to ignore any longer. Slow songs deserve recognition too, gosh darn it.

"Lullaby" by Shawn Mullins was a single off of his fourth album, Soul's Core. 

Although Shawn Mullins has had a long career in the music business, "Lullaby" remains his most recognized and most successful song to date.

According to Wikipedia, "...reaching number one on the US Billboard Adult Top 40, number seven on the Billboard Hot 100, and number nine on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. It also found success abroad, reaching number nine on the UK Singles Chart, number five in Australia, and number two in Canada."

"Lullaby" is one of those song titles that doesn't totally make sense. The word lullaby is only in the song once, whereas, the word rock-a-bye is in the song about 15 times.

"Lullaby" was nominated for the Best Pop Male Vocal Performance Grammy. He lost to Eric Clapton's "My Father's Eyes".

Shawn Mullins is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He has continued to make and release music over the years. His last two albums were My Stupid Heart released in 2015 and Soul's Core Revival released in 2018.

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