This week back in 1995, "Kiss From A Rose" was the #1 song in America! A perfect reason to make it this week's Throwback Thursday song.

"Kiss From A Rose" was from Seal's album, Seal II, and of course, from the Batman Forever soundtrack.

"Kiss From A Rose" was initially released in 1994 and had nothing to do with Batman. It actually fell off the charts completely without really making a dent. However, Batman director, Joel Schumacher asked Seal if "Kiss From A Rose" could be used in the movie and the rest is history!

I remember the Summer of 1995 was sort of the battle of the soundtrack songs. "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas was also in the mix that Summer.

Because the song had two lives, so to speak, there are two music videos. One made before Batman and one featuring Batman. Most of us are more familiar with the second one. (Below is the non-Batman version.)

When I went to Six Flags in Chicago while waiting in line for the Batman roller coaster, "Kiss From A Rose" plays the whole time. I enjoyed it for the short time I was in line, but can you imagine working that ride and having to hear it all day, every day!

"Kiss From A Rose" went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40, and Mainstream Top 40 chart in the US.

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