Before Jessica Simpson was famous for thinking tuna was chicken and designing purses, she was a singer.

"Irresistible" was off of Jessica Simpson's second album entitled, Irresistible. 

"Irresistible" also has a remix featuring Jermaine Dupri and Lil' Bow Wow.

"Irresistible" went all the way to #15 on Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #2 on Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart.

On Simpson's sophomore album, they were going for a more grown up feel. "Irresistible" is more sexually suggestive than her debut album's girl next door image. According to Wikipedia, "As a part of the change, she lost weight, dressed in a more sexy style and learned dance. Simpson said the video is a kind of "comic strip girl come to life" further explaining that the video was something she had never done before."

The video is so 00's I can barely stand it. At the turn of the Millennium, everything was futuristic. Just like this music video, it's full of special effects and futuristic looking stuff and it doesn't really make sense. Is she supposed to be a spy? What is going on?

I saw Jessica Simpson on her DreamChaser tour, which was to promote this album. She put on a decent show considering they popped a stage up in the middle of the Southern Hills Mall parking lot!

I also have the Irresistible CD because I won it off the radio!

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