Continuing my Throwback Thursday songs about equality and prejudice, I thought En Vogue's "Free Your Mind" would be perfect. The song literally starts with "Prejudice, wrote a song about it/ Like to hear it? Here it goes."

The song goes on to address many instances of unconscious bias. Those snap judgments we make about people.

"Free Your Mind" was the third single off of En Vogue's album, Funky Divas.

En Vogue is made up of members Terry EllisDawn RobinsonCindy Herron, and Maxine Jones.

According to Wikipedia, "Quentin Harrison from Albumism described the song as 'a searing rock number that challenged racism, sexism and other social phobias head-on was all at once, smart, sexy and provocative.'"

One example from the lyrics of addressing prejudice head-on includes, "I can't look without being watched, and oh/ You rang my buy before I made up my mind, OW!/ Oh now attitude, why even bother?/ I can't change your mind, you can't change my color."

"Free Your Mind" peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, #9 on the Hot Dance Singles chart and #93 on the Billboard Year-end chart for 1993. Billboard also put the song at #41 on their list of '100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time'.

All four members of En Vogue sing lead on "Free Your Mind."

The group performed the song on an episode of A Different World where they played the nieces of Vernon Gaines.

"Free Your Mind" was nominated/won many awards. According to Wikipedia:

Grammy Awards, 1993

MTV Video Music Awards, 1993

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