Soulcrate announced this week that they were calling it quits! No! Say it ain't so.

Soulcrate is a rap group straight out of Sioux Falls! They proudly make 'rap music from the middle of nowhere.'

Soulcrate is made up of Wes Eisenhauer, Dan Eisenhauer and Corey Gerlach.

The group's last performance will be at their annual That Sounds Decent concert on August 25 at 8th and Railroad. That Sounds Decent will continue, however. This year marks the fifth year of the event and the group hopes to continue that tradition.

The members of Soulcrate are all business owners and family men, so they felt that now was the right time to call it quits.

However, Wes, alluded to the fact that there is still new music to come.

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