"Take Me There" was the first and only single released from The Rugrats Movie Soundtrack. The Rugrats Movie came out November 20, 1998!

On a personal note, my brother was OBSESSED with The Rugrats! Therefore, the whole family was obsessed. I have probably seen every episode at least 5 times! And we saw the movie in theaters.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia, "Take Me There" was released November 17, 1998. Happy 18th Anniversary!

The single peaked at #14 on Billboard's Hot 100 and number ten on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart. The song's popularity also played a vital role in the film's success. In 2014, Billboard ranked "Take Me There" in its "Top 50 Forgotten Gems From the Now! Series", which list songs from the series that were underrated at the time of their release.

The music video is pretty sweet! It incorporates sets from inside the Pickles' home and scenes from the movie! It's like animation meets real life.


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