I only try beer and candy bars now. Seriously though, give me all the flavors of Twin Bing!

Full disclosure, I filmed this about a week ago and I have no idea why the sound is so weird. I think that might be my dryer in the background. The one time I decide to do laundry and film myself eating candy.

When I realized the sound was weird, I thought about redoing it, but then my reaction would not be genuine. You only get that first bite once. If I don't have integrity in trying Twin Bings then what do I have?

Anyway, Twin Bing S'mores is another new flavor from Palmer Candy Company.

It was delicious! Obviously. I mean, is anything s'mores flavored bad? You can't go wrong with chocolate, marshmallow, and the graham.

I will say the middle marshmallow part was not what I was expecting. I assumed it would be just a marshmallow center, but it is more of a marshmallow flavored nougat.

So far I haven't had a Twin Bing flavor that I didn't like, but the original cherry is probably still my favorite.

If I had to pick between the two new flavors, Caramel Crunch or S'mores? That is a tough one. I think the Caramel Crunch has a slight advantage.

If you missed my review of the Caramel Crunch Twin Bing, check it out here.

I believe both flavors are only for a limited time, so get one before they're gone.

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