In my book, Lady Gaga can basically do no wrong. Her music? Love it. Her movies and TV work? Great. Her makeup? I don't really wear a lot of makeup, but it looks nice.

So when I heard she was coming out with her own Oreo, I figured it must be amazing. I mean, Oreos in general are delicious. It's pretty hard to mess them up, right?

Well, I guess we will see.

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The special cookies are inspired by her album, Chromatica, so they are a pink cookie with a green filling.

A QR code on the packaging takes you to a contest called 'Sing It With Oreo' where you can record yourself singing and send 'Oreograms' to people as well get yourself entered in a sweepstake to win various prizes.

I appreciate that this special Oreos came in a small, sample size. I hate having to buy a regular-sized anything when a new flavor comes out. I like to have a tester first.

Spoiler Alert: I didn't love these Oreos. They were kind of bland. Not as sweet as a regular Oreo. Sort of reminiscent of a sugar cookie and frosting, but less good. And, for me, that is already my least favorite type of cookie, so these were not a hit for me. Sorry, Gaga. I still love you, girl!


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