I said it in the title of this article, but it's worth repeating. The new M&M's Mix Packs are game-changing. Not only game-changing but also life-changing!

Ok, so maybe that is a little dramatic, but seriously, why didn't they do this sooner?

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In April, M&M's released new Mix packs of their M&M's. This means you no longer have to decide between plain, peanut, or peanut butter. You can get all 3 in one pack!

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Game-changing, right?

I discovered these packs myself while at a gas station over the weekend and I had to get one! However, it didn't relieve all my indecisiveness because there is actually more than one Mix Pack!

There is the Classic Mix which is a mix of plain, peanut, and peanut butter. Then, there is the Peanut Mix which is a mix of dark chocolate peanut, milk chocolate peanut, and white chocolate peanut!

I went for the Classic Mix. This time. I'll be back.

There is a 2.5-ounce size for $1.99 or an 8.3-ounce stand-up pouch for $3.99.

So far, there are just two varieties of Mix Packs.

I think my dream M&M's Mix Pack would be peanut butter, coffee nut, and the fudge brownie! M&M's keeps releasing new flavors, the options could be endless!

What is your dream Mix Pack?

Whether you enjoy M&M's on their own, warmed up in the microwave (I guess it's a thing), or mixed in with some popcorn (one of my personal faves), there is literally a Mix Pack for all the ways to eat them!

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