Way back in 2017, when Blaise Keller still worked for KDLT and lived in Sioux Falls, he invited me over for a holiday shindig. At this shindig, my life was changed. I was introduced to Tom and Jerry!

The original post is below:

No, I don't mean the cartoon.

This weekend I was introduced to a warm and delicious drink called Tom and Jerry! It will change your life. I know I am forever changed.

Anyway, I was introduced to it at a holiday party and it was so good.

Basically, it's a dough mixture that you put in a mug and then put hot water over that and then you add the booze.

According to the internet, brandy is used traditionally, but you can use rum or whiskey.

I used a caramel whiskey and it was sooooo good.

Definitely worth trying. It's a holiday in a glass! I felt full of good tidings and cheer not to mention comfort and joy!

Ok, back to 2020, for some reason, I never thought to look up what was in the batter. Here are the ingredients according to allrecipes.com:

Whoa! Gonna have to put in some extra time at the gym, but totally worth it!

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