One perk of being on the radio is when I ask about a new product, somebody usually has a hot tip!

This time, a long time listener, Boomer, told me that the new Twin Bing Caramel was spotted in Canton at Bomgaars. So, I had a little road trip to Canton to see if I could hunt them down.

I totally scored and since I drove all the way to Canton I bought five. Maybe that wasn't my best idea because as of the publishing of this post, I have eaten 3 of them. Oh well!

Check out the video for my full review and thoughts on the new Twin Bing Caramel.

Now, I'm on the hunt for Twin Bing S'mores! Keep your eyes peeled!

Also, it's been one year since I saw Pink in concert! Peep the shirt!

Check out my review of Twin Bing Beer here.

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