You guys! I did it! I finally got my hands on some! Twin Bing Beer!

The Twin Bing Stout is made by Fernson Brewing Company here in Sioux Falls in conjunction with Palmer Candy Company in Sioux City.

I am originally from the Sioux City area so obviously I'm a Twin Bing expert.

Twin Bing Stout is described on the Fernson website as, "Twin Bing Stout is a Pastry Stout with Chocolate, Lactose, Vanilla, Cherry, and Raspberry Purée. It’s 8.8% Alcohol by Volume."

They are sold in cute little two packs and many stores are restricting the amount you can buy because the demand has been so high. You guys, I just had a thought. Are they in two packs because Twin Bings come in twos!? Get it? Twins!

So, the big question now is, is it any good? Well, watch the video to find out what I think.

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