It's been more than 20 years since I got a speeding ticket. I was going about 10 mph over and I think the ticket was a little over $100.

A juvenile driver found out the hard way how much a massive speeding ticket costs late Saturday night. A Lincoln County Sheriff deputy was running a stationary radar (aka "speed trap") outside of Lennox at 276th St near 467th Ave when the teenager came by. They were traveling at 103 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The ticket for going that fast, 26 or more miles-per-hour over the limit, is $222.50. That is the top fine for speeding on a highway without being in a construction zone or near a school or other special circumstances. Had he been in an 80 mph zone on the Interstate it would have been $167.50.

The State of South Dakota has a whole table of fines for speeding and other driving offenses. The speeding fine I have never heard of anyone getting, driving 1-5 mph over is only $87.50. But as everyone knows, you're fine going 5 mph over, right?

The most expensive driving fine you can get is the same one this kid got except in a school zone. A 26+ mph speeding ticket in a school zone is $372.50.

If you get busted for driving under the speed limit on an Interstate highway is $122.50.

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