I hate raking leaves. So I don't. I have a number of other ways I use to deal with the annual garbage dump that nature turns my yard into.

I don't rake leaves exclusively. I use a rake to gather it up when there's a lot in one spot. But I don't have a shredder to compact that big thick pile. That's part of the reason I had kids. So I'll grab one of my kids and lift them into the bag and let them stomp it down a bit.

I have a battery powered leaf blower, but it's not good for heavy leaves, just a light bit of them on pavement. It's useless on the yard. But it is handy for blowing dust and leaves out of my garage. But I don't want to pay for a gas powered blower.

I have also always used my lawn mower a lot. Typically I'll mow the whole yard with the mower in mulch mode. That shreds all the leaves up but still leaves a lot of it behind. Then I'll lower the deck on my mower and cut the grass a little lower and also pick up the leaves.

Little did I know that this technique was not just a lazy way of dealing with it, it's actually good. Mulching the leaves into your yard is good for your yard. I will don't want the full mulch mess in my yard so I still bag it.

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