As week 8 of the NFL season comes to an end, the Minnesota Vikings are sitting at 6-2. Huh!

Last week I was being sarcastic about Fumble Cousins being better than Tom Brady. He may have played better in the last three weeks. But after not soiling himself since the Bears game, maybe he actually figured out that holding the ball for six seconds is not a good way to play quarterback. So that's good, I guess.

There's something that is a little bit of a reason to still stay pessimistic. If my math is correct, the Vikings opponents record is 20-32. That's only a .384 winning percentage.

So after having a decent but not great game against a 1-7 team, I'm still concerned that the Purple will get into the playoffs, win a game or two, and then forget to show up when it comes times to play their way into the Super Bowl.

By the way, the last Vikings last Super Bowl appearance was January 9, 1977. I was born the following month.


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