We got a Ring doorbell for the same reason most people get one. Neighbors have had sketchy stuff happen, so why not add some security measures to our house. But I didn't know it would become a toy.

As far as the Ring doorbell itself goes, it's pretty great. You can either use it with a rechargeable battery or you can wire it into your old doorbell. Because I'm sort of an idiot when it comes to the obvious, I didn't realize the existing doorbell wire was the normal power source.

Now after a few days, the kids have found it funny to irritate me with the button. I was mowing the lawn and listening to an audiobook and suddenly the ring exploded in my ears scaring me half to death.

They also like waving to whoever is looking at the live video on their phone or iPad. But most of all, they love talking to whoever is outside on the iPad. When I came home this afternoon from a grocery run, my son told me I should "shut the door on the truck." I was still unloading and didn't shut it yet.

I told him to quit spying on me.

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