I mostly love my earbuds. But I think they're trying to get me sick. Now science confirmed it for me.

My JBL Bluetooth earbuds are great. They sound good, don't have a battery pack in the middle of the cord between the two buds to drag them down, and they don't look as stupid as Ear Pods (I think).

The one thing I don't like about them is that they turn on by touch, not a switch. This means that if I don't have the right one on my ear at all times it could accidentally turn itself on if I let them hang around my neck. So even when I'm not actively using them, I find that I will have that one in my ear. Or if I am using them I will always have the right starboard bud in my ear.

Lately I noticed that when I would give my ears the once-over with a cotton swab that my right ear would leave the swab looking like I dipped it in honey. I know, gross!

Ear wax, medically defined as cerumen, helps fight off infection and keeps the ear clean. I thought that might be my earbud causing it. I was right. It turns out that earbuds are giving people ear infections.

Guess I should take it easy on the buds.

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