What is Cinco de Mayo?

Literately it is the 5th of May. In Mexico, it is a holiday that commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over France at the 1862 Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.

In Mexico, the holiday has traditionally only been regionally celebrated. But in the 21st Century, it has become something special north of the border.

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Cinco de Mayo in the United States

In the US, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a holiday celebrating the cultural heritage of Americans with Latian American, especially Mexican, roots.

It's an American celebration along the same lines as Saint Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest; or local festivals like Tabor, South Dakota’s Czech Days, or Danish Days in Viborg.

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Is Cinco de Mayo Mexican Independence Day?

Cinco de Mayo, however, is NOT Mexican Independence Day. That is September 16th, known as El Grito de la Independencia (The Cry of Independence) to honor Mexico's independence from Spanish rule in 1810.


13 Things To Get For A Fun Cinco De Mayo Party

Whether you venture out or stick close to home, Cinco De Mayo celebrations are always a blast! How can they not be with the food, the music and, of course, tequila! While it's hard not to have fun at such a fiesta, having these 13 things on hand will take them to the next level. For added convenience, you can click on any of the items below to have them delivered to your door!

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