My friends threw a really fun party this past weekend! Not only did they move into a new house, but it was Todd's birthday! And it just so happened to also be Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby!

So, obviously it was the perfect opportunity to have a birthday/housewarming/Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party!

Costumes were welcome, so I went with a Kentucky Derby theme. I wore a nice dress and found a floppy hat and I was good to go! Then to work in the other themes, I gave Todd a bottle of tequila. Get it? Tequila is Mexican (Cinco de Mayo) and it was his birthday/housewarming gift! I covered all the bases.

Our fine hosts, also covered all the bases. They had mint juleps and mojitos on hand! As well as a taco/nacho bar and tons of other food for snacking. Todd even made a carrot cake and brownies for his special day!

The party went off without a hitch. Well, except for when the electricity went out as the horses crossed the finish line. Hahaha. We saw the finish on replay. Congrats to Justify!

P.S. I think this might have been the first Kentucky Derby I actually watched. And I did it in style!

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