I was looking through some recent photos found this dandy from the other night. I asked Crystal what this selfie was all about. She said she was just trying to be silly. It worked. So why not write some captions of what is going on in this pic of my wife glaring at me?

  • Why didn't you overspend on these tickets for John Crist like you did for Tim Allen? The front row is a lot better than Row K in the Mezzanine.
  • You bought a what at Scheels today?
  • Was that Qdoba or Taco Johns?
  • Why is your hand there?
  • That beer didn't last long.
  • No, Kirk Cousins is not better than Tom Brady.
  • If that bitch doesn't quit looking at you...
  • No.
  • In this light, when I tilt my head a certain way, I can see a little bit of gray in your beard.
  • Do you know how the buttons on your shirt work?

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