Who knew that a horror movie written by a comedy genius would be so good? Good enough in fact to get four Oscar nominations: Best Picture, Best Actor for Daniel Kaluuya, Best Director for Jordan Peele, and Best Original Screenplay.

But, of course, the most prestigious honor is getting the Honest Trailer treatment! And one day after Get Out received its Oscar nominations it get pulled apart by the people at Honest Trailers.

I saw the movie when it came out and parts of me are still trying to figure out the ending! Like what the what #$%# just happened? It's a lot to wrap your brain around. Literally.

Spoilers are in the video so if you haven't seen Get Out then maybe don't watch it.

Thoughts while watching the video:

  • I've never seen a Windows phone.
  • Rod really is the best best friend in movie history EVER!
  • I never saw the alternate ending. I'm curious.
  • I'm an idiot. I neve realized the wig/hat thing.
  • I eat dry cereal, but I don't really like milk. Does that make me a crazy person?
  • Starring...is my favorite part of all of the Honest Trailers. The Lost Kardashian, Ben Carson, Keener Keener Keener Stir some tea, sometimes your words just hypnotize me, and Mumford's Son!! hahahahahaha

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