Honest Trailers on YouTube is one of my favorite things. You might think you like a movie, but Honest Trailers will make you question everything you thought you knew!

The latest movie to get an Honest Trailer is A Star Is Born.

It's Oscar nominated so what could possibly be wrong with it?

Well, Honest Trailers are here to tell you exactly what is wrong with it and make you laugh while they do it!

If you haven't seen the most recent A Star is Born or the three that came before, be warned that the Honest Trailer does have some spoilers.

I literally gasped at the 'Hanging with Mr. Cooper' joke. That seemed a bit insensitive. But, it got a reaction so I guess it worked.

The parody song was a hoot though! 'Lady Gaga noises.' So funny.

I was also curious as to why Dave Chapelle was in this movie. I also thought Andrew Dice Clay was an interesting choice to play Ally's dad. Oh!






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