Honest Trailers on YouTube is one of the best things that the internet has given us.

Even if you love a movie and think it is perfect, Honest Trailers will find a way to tear it apart.

The Greatest Showman is a musical that came out around Christmas and was just released on DVD. I ran out and bought it because I loved the movie so much. The soundtrack is amazing!

I literally took notes as I watched the Honest Trailer and this is what happened:

  • All the top hats! Love the top hats! Top hats should be a thing again.
  • Scams, fraud, con artists- it's the American Dream
  • Snobby parents! The worst!
  • Even though Zac Efron and Zendaya's characters are made up, they have one of the best scenes in the movie on those ropes! I am here for it!
  • Can't have a musical without Jazzhands!

I knew that the movie took a lot of liberties with history.

Ever since it came out, I argued that they should have just made a musical set in an old circus, using P.T. Barnum was unnecessary. Especially, since it did stray so far from the facts.

I think most fans of the movie like it for the amazing soundtrack, the awesome visuals, and the theme of acceptance. P.T. Barnum may not have been the greatest historical figure, but the movie still has heart.

And I, for one, liked the movie because Zac Efron is back in musicals where he belongs and he is in a top hat. Just saying.

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