It seems like every other day a new study comes about something being bad for us then the next day it's good for us.

Well, add this to the list. A new study says coffee could help burn fat.

A study done at University of Nottingham has found that coffee helps stimulate 'brown fat'.

'Brown fat' is a special kind of fat that heats up and then burns calories. It was thought to only be found in hibernating mammals.

The researchers did say that more studies are needed to be certain. However, things look promising.

The coffee used in the study was. "...specifically a serving of Nescafe Original with about 65 mg of caffeine," according to USA Today.

I'm not a scientist, but I think if you're drinking a chocolate frappuccino with extra whip and chocolate syrup, that probably isn't going to aide in activating 'brown fat'.

Probably should stick to coffee drinks with less sugar and calories. Just my two cents.







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