Preseason football has begun and my wallet just got sacked. I suffered a little sticker shock browsing for chicken wings for the game between the Cowboys and the Cardinals. Do I really need a Dak Prescott-like salary to afford my favorite game day snack?

For those like who take great pride in slamming wings during the game had better stock up. The prices of chicken are getting set to rise rapidly, according to experts. Bloomberg first reported on this unwelcome fowl news.

Supposedly, people are eating less red meat, which means more poultry, which is driving up the demand. In particular - wings.

Back in April a report (also from Bloomberg) stated that Buffalo Wild Wings had to cut staff due to the rising costs of chicken. Now, the popular franchise said it's dealing with "historically high wing costs."

As I found out, these beautifully seasoned boned gems do not come cheap. Maybe that Sweet n' Spicy Bourbon flavor should come with real bottle of bourbon for that price.

Danny V
Danny V

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