You can officially add chicken wings to the list of the ever-growing items that will be going up in price.

Both well-known fast-food chains and small locally owned bars and restaurants will be paying a higher cost for chicken as their suppliers are not able to keep up with demand because of the lack of employees according to Dakota News Now.

In any given year the price of chicken wings usually peak around the time of the Super Bowl but quickly reside back to normal after the sporting event.

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The Coronavirus pandemic sadly has caused prices to only go up since early February of this year.

Not only here in Sioux Falls but across the US, the price of chicken has gone up for more in-demand parts of the chicken which makes the wing and breast meat more expensive compared to the gizzard or the liver.

As a result, business owners and chains have had to increase their wing prices and terminate their wing specials in order to help offset the high demand along with the increasing costs of chicken.

“This year they did not normalize at all and now they are starting to go up even more so we’re seeing 50% more than what we’ve seen in the past,” said Overtime Sports bar and Grill Owner Jeff Dougherty told Dakota News Now.

“You know it really varies by the kind of chicken you’re buying, some of our store’s wings have doubled in price and then we have other chicken that has barely gone up at all,” said Boss’ Pizza and Chicken Owner Jeremy Seefeldt told Dakota News Now.

Source: Dakota News Now

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