American's love chicken wings. In fact,  the average meat eater devours nearly 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime. So when I read an article in the New York Daily Post about the best-fried chicken in every state, I had to head to the one that was in Wisconsin as I went back home during Christmas break and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint.

Tomken's Bar and Grill located in West Allis, Wisconsin has been serving up delicious fried chicken sings 1991. I decided to stop there on my way to a hockey game that night in Milwaukee. I ordered 18 wings, 4 each. The first was the Caribbean Jerk dry rub which in my option had way too much seasoning on it. Very overwhelming.

Next was the buffalo blue cheese wings. These were very good but the one that took the top spot for me was a flavor that was only available for a limited time, the Nutty Rooster! A peanut butter and sriracha sauce on top of the chicken wing. I gotta tell ya, my tastebuds where going off like crazy! I even looked up the recipe on how to make it. As for the best chicken wings in South Dakota, the publication says Cluckin' Good Chicken right here in Sioux Falls.

So if you are ever in the Milwaukee area, hit up Tomken's Bar and Grill.

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