South Dakota License Plates. They tell the story about what state you're from and what part of the state. That's why when a different kind of South Dakota plate showed up I started asking questions.

I thought they were commercial plates at first. Then I took a closer look. Then I started asking around and I found out they aren't. What I was looking at were Organizational Plates.   The Website for the South Dakota Department of Revenue says, 

Members of approved nonprofit organizations are eligible to purchase organization license plates from their county treasurer which allows for placement of organization decals on a special license plate.  The decals allow nonprofit organizations throughout South Dakota to raise additional


I did a little more checking. If you went to Augustana University you might have these on your plates. Ducks Unlimited O'Gorman Highs School and Catholic Schools are examples of what you might see driving around.

How about you? Do you have Organizational Plates on your vehicle? If so what organization are you supporting?

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