Have you noticed those black and white Iowa license plates that are on some Iowan vehicles?

They stand out from the typical crowd of licenses plates, don't they?

But what are the meanings behind the coloring of these plates? Do they cost the driver more money than a typical Iowa license plate? Here's what Iowa.gov has to say about what those black and white Iowa license plates actually mean.

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As of July 01, 2019, Iowa state residents were given the option of a '"blackout” plate -- an all-black plate with white lettering.'

"It’s offered as both a standard alpha-numeric plate and a personalized plate, and you can order both online, or by completing an online form and mailing it to the Iowa DOT’s Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services Bureau. Iowa Prison Industries will make the plates and ship them to your county treasurer’s office"-Iowa.gov.

This new blackout plate will cost $35 for the standard alpha-numeric plate and an additional $25 which would be a total of $60 for a personalized black-out Iowa license plate. The money collected from the blackout plates will go towards the Road Use Tax Fund. This fund was established to fund "state, county, and city road and bridge projects throughout (the state of) Iowa."

As a friendly reminder, from the state of Iowa, you should never use a license plate frame that is thick enough where it obscures or blocks the numbers and letters on the actual license plate.

The license plate frame could hinder your vehicle's identification and violates Iowa state law.

So if you ever see anyone with a black and white Iowa license plate you now know that they are supporting the state of Iowa's infrastructure.

Source: Iowa.gov

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