Wild Orchid is made up of members Stacy FergusonRenee Sandstrom, and Stefanie Ridel.

Stacy Ferguson, you may know better as Fergie. After Wild Orchid she joined the Black Eyed Peas and then had a pretty successful solo career.

Renee Sandstrom is mostly a session singer now. You've probably heard her voice in a lot of Disney stuff and as the singing voice for Princess Fiona in Shrek 2.

Stefanie Ridel went on to co-found Talent Bootcamp and you may have heard her sing for Bratz: The Movie and for the techno dance group 5th Element.

"Talk to Me" was the second single from Wild Orchid's self-titled debut album.

It might not be the most successful song I've ever had for Throwback Thursday, but it's still a bop and it did make a mark in its own right.

According to Wikipedia, "'Talk to Me' made dance chart history when it was the first single by a female group to enter the Billboard Hot Dance/Maxi Single Sales Chart at #10. After the single's huge success on the dance charts, it started receiving significant radio airplay. When the single was finally released commercially, the song's popularity had already started fading in the US. Nevertheless, sales were strong enough to push the single to land in the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart at #48, making it their most successful single in the US."

The music video is so 90s! Thin eyebrows, pleather, so much midriff, and basically three versions of 'The Rachel' haircut. One in blonde, brunette, and red. The complete set.

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