I'm super pumped to see Kesha in concert so I figured I'd pick some old school Kesha for this week's Throwback!

"Take It Off" was from Kesha's debut album, Animal.

The song peaked at #8 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and #6 on Mainstream Top 40 chart.

According to Wikipedia, "With the song reaching the top-ten in the United States, Kesha became only the eleventh artist in history to amass four top-tens from a debut album," and, "Kesha became the second lead artist, following Lady Gaga, to achieve four million selling songs in 2010."

Word on the interwebs is that there are two music videos for this song, but I have only seen the one featured above. I even tried googling the other one and couldn't find it.

Kesha has stated that the inspiration for this song came from her attendance at a drag show, "I have a song [...] called 'Take It Off' about when I went to a drag show, and how really turned on I was by these transvestite men taking clothes off. I was like, What does that even make me?"

Well, I can't answer that question for her, but I do know I'm ready to throw some glitter in the air when I see her live!

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