Alanis Morissette announced this week that she is making a Broadway show out of her quintessential 90s album, Jagged Little Pill. However, I did read that other songs of hers from other albums might make their way into the show. We will just have to wait until next year to find out which ones.

Alanis is also going to be playing the Hard Rock in Sioux City at the end of the Summer! She is a busy girl.

"Hands Clean" is not off of Jagged Little Pill, but it is still a great song by Alanis and I could totally see it being the Broadway show. The song itself is a great story. It is allegedly about an affair that Alanis had with a much older man when she was just 14.

On the album's commentary, Morissette had this to say about the controversy surrounding the song:

My intention in writing this song was to get to a place where I could be as truthful and as honest as I possibly could be about certain relationships in my past. It's definitely not with the intention of seeking any sort of revenge for the person who is at the heart of the song that I'm singing about, but it was in my silencing myself to protect somebody else that I was ultimately completely abandoning myself. And any time I speak untruths in my life, and often-times I feel by not speaking the truth, by being silent, there's an element of an untruth in that. Withholding the truth sometimes can feel just as horrible as a lie to me. So as I get older, I think I want more and more to introduce the bliss of speaking transparently and truthfully and as honestly as I possibly can, knowing that the truth in this case is my truth only."[11]

The song was the lead single off of Alanis' fifth album, Under Rug Swept. 

Wikipedia states:

The song peaked at number 23 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song also peaked at number three on the U.S. Adult Top 40.


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