I have a super nerdy, tech geek friend. Her name is Colette and she has a virtual reality headset thing.

She invited a couple friends over this weekend to give it a whirl. I arrived fashionably late, so everyone knew what to expect in the game except me.

I, apparently, was so funny to watch that she felt the need to film me for your viewing pleasure.

It was really trippy. Literally, all the way around me was a whole new universe. Learning how to use your virtual hands was probably the hardest part.

She warned there is a chance that if you're prone to motion sickness it could make you nauseous. I didn't feel queasy at all, but I only played for a brief time.

All I could think of the whole time was the old show that was on after school, VR Troopers. Does anyone else remember that show? It was like a poor man's Power Rangers.


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