I have three major fears. 1. Sloths 2. Ferris Wheels 3. Ski lift type rides. And the Omaha Zoo has two of these things.

The Sky Fari at the Omaha Zoo is basically a ski lift that takes you across the zoo. For $3, one way, you can subject yourself to the slow torture that is the Sky Fari.

I was at the zoo with my brother and he was adamant about taking the Sky Fari. Probably just because he knows I hate it. I give him credit though, he didn't intentionally bounce it or make it move in any way. That was nice of him, I guess.

It didn't help that the ride kept stopping. Isn't the point of a ski lift type ride, that it scoops you up without stopping? It should be seamless. As long as we were moving, I was fine. But the stopping made me nervous. If we got stuck over the lions, I would probably have a panic attack.

I was so happy to see the end of the line. Phew. I made it.

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