I love rollercoasters and other amusement park rides, but ferris wheels and ski lifts freak me out. But I put my big girl pants on and rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago.

I know that might sound crazy to love rollercoasters, but not ferris wheels and ski lifts. Here is my rationale. Rollercoasters buckle you in and then strap a bar over you and then maybe another strap and another bar. Ferris wheels and ski lifts do not do that. And they are slow. So any nervousness you do have just get prolonged! Whereas, a rollercoaster is fast, so you don't have time to be scared.

Anyway, while in Chicago we were checking out Navy Pier and saw the ferris wheel. My friend, Becky, wanted to do it so I decided to try it. We didn't do the London Eye ferris wheel when we were overseas so I felt like I owed her. Plus, I figured if I could go up a mountain in Switzerland, then I could handle this ferris wheel.

If you notice in the video, I don't talk much and move very slowly, that's because I feel like if I move, I'm going to make the whole thing crumble to the ground.

Overall, it was a rather enjoyable ride. The type of car made it so we didn't wobble much when loading and unloading so that was nice.

More pictures from Navy Pier and the ferris wheel below!

P.S. The people that got put in the same car as us were very polite and understanding about my fears. They were from California in Chicago for a conference. Very nice people.

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