I go to the gym pretty regularly. I try to work on my fitness. I enjoy classes. I know myself well enough to know that working out independently is not my thing. I enjoy Zumba, Step, Cardio Kickboxing, and occasionally a R.I.P.P.E.D class or maybe HIIT.

Well, a Pound class came across my Facebook feed and I thought, "I should try that."

I had heard of it before and it looked fun. You use drumsticks and it's very rhythm based. That's basically all I knew.

Now, in my head, I figured the class would work my upper body and arms a lot. Drummers have good arms, right? Pound is definitely a full body workout, but my arms are not what hurt now, two days later.

When you are standing up holding drumsticks, what do you have to do to make the drumstick hit the floor? Squat! A lot! So many squats.

We also did combinations while sitting. You are meant to keep your core tight so your back and hip flexors won't hurt. Well, I was concentrating too hard on what my arms and sticks should be doing and I don't think I was keeping my core tight because my hip flexors were on fire!

I started off being very gung ho and was trying to do all the things just like the instructor. But halfway through, I just couldn't anymore. My sticks may not have hit the ground every time. I was still squatting, just not as deep.

In the video, keep in mind, this was my first time and I was still learning. Also, things definitely picked up.

Even though I am so very sore from this class (that means it's working right?), I would definitely do it again! Check out Chelsie's classes on her Facebook page! Chelsie hosts her class all over town! This class was at Woodgrain Brewing downtown!

Thanks to my friends Becky and Angie for giving this class a try with me! And a big thank you to Quentin from Woodgrain for the photos and video!




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