If there is a contest that has to do with food or drink, I'm all in. Mash Madness is back and it's pitting the downtown Sioux Falls breweries against each other.

The four breweries competing this year are Woodgrain Brewing Co., Remedy Brewing Co., Monk's House of Ale Repute, and Fernson Brewing Company. The contest is only through March 17, so I knew I didn't have too much time left!

For this year's contest, you receive a card with all four breweries listed. Then when you go to each brewery, you get a punch on the card. When you have finished all four beers, you decide which one was your favorite and fill in the card. Then cast your vote by putting the card in the Mash Madness box and you're done. You have done your civic duty!

The beers in contention are:

  • Seed Series #035 Pomegranate & Hibiscus Sour from Fernson Brewing Company
  • Jim Goes to Circus School from Monk's House of Ale Repute
  • Stratacopter 2.0 from Remedy Brewing Co.
  • Duct Tape Piñata from Woodgrain Brewing Co.

It was a tough decision. They were all very different beers. I would tell you, who I voted for, but then I would have to kill you.

Mash Madness 2019


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