Anyone who knows me knows that I love to run outside.  Running and working out, in general, are just big stress relievers for me.  I also feel like I have accomplished something especially when I run for over six miles.

Since living in the Sioux Empire, I have noticed that many individuals love to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  It seems like people are always biking, hiking, running, and the list goes on.   However, out of all the available workout routines ad exercises, what is the top workout regimen in the state of South Dakota? To give you a little hint, it's not any of the activities I just mentioned.  It surprised me.

Every workout or exercise is different for everybody, keyword being body. It is important to find a fitness schedule that meets your physical needs.  According to Spoon University, Americans are always looking for the newest workout trends that can help people look their best.  Americans want the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.  Spoon University conducted a survey to identify the fitness trends that are the most popular in every state.

South Dakota's most popular workout is...P90x.  Some readers may be scratching their heads at this one.  P90x is basically a full-body workout program.  These exercises focus on strength, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching.  P90x even offers a fitness plan and nutrition guide to help you on your fitness journey.

Other states' popular workouts include:

Minnesota: Bosu Ball Workouts

Iowa: Lifting Workouts 

Illinois: The Muffin Top Workout

Wisconsin: Jillian Michaels Workouts

I'll stick with my running routines.  What is your favorite workout routine that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

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