M&Ms is letting the fans decide as part of their fan Flavor Vote. A couple years ago, Peanut M&Ms had a vote, and now it is Crunchy M&Ms turn!

The three new flavors to try are Crunchy Raspberry, Mint, or Espresso. All three flavors are made with dark chocolate.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three, but mint was probably my least favorite and espresso is my favorite. I just like coffee and chocolate together. But the espresso M&Ms do not contain any extra caffeine. The mint ones really do taste like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie.

The new flavors were introduced in April and you can vote for your favorite through May 25.

Then the winner will be announced in August and will only be available for a limited time.

M&Ms didn't stop there! Available for a limited time and only at Dollar General stores is the Orange Vanilla Cream M&Ms, so I had to try those too. If you like orange shebert, you'll love these! They are white chocolate and delicious. They are only available through the Summer and each bag sold M&Ms will donate $1 to benefit Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

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