WoodGrain Brewery in Sioux Falls has a new menu item so I had to try it! Lemon Meringue Pie, but make it beer!

For this edition of 'Tasha Tries,' I decided to enlist some help. My brother, Taylor, and his wife, Maya, helped me out with this video! (They're new to this blogging/video business so cut them some slack. I think they did great for first-timers.)

The growler I got from Woodgrain of their new Lemon Meringue Pie Sour was 32 oz. so I figured I could share. Plus, I'm not always a fan of sours, but I know they like them, so I figured the taste test would be more well rounded that way.

Lemon Meringue Pie Sour from Woodgrain is 5.4% alcohol. According to their website, the beer is described as a "Berliner base with lemon peel, vanilla beans, lactose, and graham crackers."

You'll see in the video, after I spill on myself and pour the beer like an idiot, that I was pleasantly surprised because it's not that sour. However, Taylor and Maya were hoping for more sourness. Apparently, my brother wanted to pucker. 😝😂

Overall, we all really liked the beer. It is perfect for Summer. It's light and flavorful and would be perfect poolside. I definitely taste the lemon and vanilla. We finished off the growler, so we obviously liked it a lot!

P.S. Pay no mind to my brother shouting out another brewery in Omaha. He lives there now so sometimes he thinks he's better than me. It's not a competition and even if it was, I would win! 😁

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