South Dakotans are top 10 sleepers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and the online magazine Vox.

The state ranks 10th among states where the residents say the received sufficient sleep over the past 30 days. Only 26 percent of South Dakotans surveyed said they didn’t get enough sleep in the previous month.

North Dakotans are even better sleepers, ranking second nationally, according to the CDC. Only 23.4 percent of Peace Garden Staters said they didn’t get enough sleep.

Much of the Northern Plains was represented in the top 10 states. Nebraska was sixth at 25.3 percent reporting poor sleep and Minnesota was ninth at 25.9 percent.

Oregon residents had the best sleep at only 22.9 percent not sleeping well, while 38.6 percent of West Virginians reported problems visiting Mr. Sandman.

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