It's hard enough to fall asleep some nights.  Adding someone that snores to the mix just may make sleeping totally impossible.

What if I told you there is a new pill in the works to prevent snoring?  Well lucky for you, that’s exactly the case!

The New York Post is reporting that a new pill to help stop snoring is currently being tested in the United States.  According to the report, this is "a 2018 study based at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that a once-a-night tablet which combines two non-sleep related drugs, effectively reduced snoring frequency for 20 research volunteers by 74% — from an average of 28.5 breathing interruptions per hour to just 7.5."  One of the drugs is used for ADHD, and the other is used to treat people with overactive bladders.

Most people do snore.  However, there are 22 million Americans that experience severe snoring.  This could lead to insufficient oxygen levels while you are sleeping.  SleepApnea calls this condition obstructive sleep apnea (otherwise known as OSA).  OSA is more likely to occur when you're over 40-years-old, overweight, and consume heavy amounts of alcohol.

If the new snoring pill sounds like something that won't work for you, there are other methods you can implement to try and prevent snoring.  Losing weight and sleeping on your side can help you snore less or potentially not at all.

I may have to suggest this pill to my dad when it becomes available.  On occasion, he is one of the loudest snorers I know.  Seriously.  I could be in my room sleeping, and I can hear him all the way down the hall.  It’s easy to see why Honey likes to sleep with me on those nights.

Would you try this new snoring pill to ensure a good night’s sleep?

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