I love how my skin feels after I use a loofah in the shower. My skin is so smooth and feels so healthy. Loofahs and shower puffs exfoliate your dry, itchy skin. They're a great invention - or maybe not.

According to one website, 98 percent of dermatologists are advising you to toss your loofah in the garbage. Dead skin cells get trapped in the layers of shower puff and the moisture that remains in the puff causes bacteria to fester.  That can lead to the growth of yeast and mold.

The dermatologists also say the bacteria left behind could cause an infection if you nick yourself shaving and use the loofah afterwards.

Just can't get rid of it yet? You'll want to take these steps. After each use, rinse the puff excessively to make sure all the dead skin cells are washed out and then take it out of the shower and dry it on a clean towel. You should replace it every two months, but if it starts to smell, get rid of it. A $2 puff is cheaper than a trip to the doctor.

One dermatologist recommended using other types of loofahs, ones that don't have bacteria-trapping layers, or scrubbing gloves.  Both of these can be found in the beauty aisle of your favorite store.


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