When we decided to go to New Orleans, I was in charge of finding the lodging.

I started by looking at hotels because that is just what I've always done and then I thought, "Ya know what? Let's just look at Airbnb."

Most of the Airbnb places I looked at in New Orleans were quite a bit cheaper than any of the hotels I had previously looked at.

Then I saw the pictures for 'the one'. When I think of New Orleans houses, they look like this! So we booked it. I was a little nervous about the neighborhood but turns out we were literally a two-minute walk from Frenchmen St., which is full of bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, most were closed due to Covid. But, it was still a cool neighborhood. It is in the Marigny area.

I was pleased upon our arrival that it looked just like the pictures, however, I'm pretty sure the place was haunted. Don't get me wrong, in New Orleans, if you want to stay somewhere haunted, there are plenty of opportunities, but we just lucked into it, I guess.

Our bathroom door closed slowly, by itself, a lot. Also, one day I was back in the bedroom part and Tim was in the living room part and we both heard a loud BOOM! We looked at each other.

I asked, "Was that you?"

He said, "No. I thought you dropped a shoe."

I said, "Nope. It's the ghost!"

I'm pretty sure we brought the ghost back with us. At a different hotel for a wedding in Sioux City, the lights flickered. So far the ghost is friendly, so I suppose it's fine.

I didn't take any pics of the bathroom, which I'm kicking myself now, because the bathroom was kind of funny. The mirror above the sink was up so high neither one of us could really use it. Other than the mirror, the place was great!

At first, I was nervous because we had to memorize two codes to get into the place. I felt safe, but also, that's a lot of numbers to remember when you've been walking all day and you have to pee.

I was also grateful we were the bottom apartment because we didn't have to drag our bags up the stairs and we had access to a nice patio. We did enjoy a drink or two out there. It was vacation after all.



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