Ok, so when you think about the food that New Orleans is known for, you probably think of Cajun and Creole-inspired food, seafood, beignets, PO boys, muffulettas, etouffee, or jambalaya.

I bet sushi and ramen didn't pop in your head.

But, when you're traveling during a pandemic, you take what you can get.

When I travel, I try very hard to try the local cuisine. Go to the local restaurants. Try the foods that region is known for. However, one night in New Orleans we had the hardest time finding a restaurant that was open. It was late-ish. No, later than ten, probably. Not really late by New Orleans standards. Or at least New Orleans in the before times.

We kept finding restaurants on Google and walking to them and they would be closed. It had been a long day. My feet hurt and I was hungry. Good grief, we just wanted something to eat. Anything.

And then, off in the distance, we saw a light. We walked toward it like moths to a flame. As we walked closer, we were delighted to see it was a restaurant and then we were ecstatic that it was, indeed, open!

But, what kind of cuisine is this New Orleans establishment?

It was Japanese, Royal Sushi & Bar! The menu consisted of sushi and ramen. Not exactly my first choice when in the South, but I was starving, so bring it on!

Honestly, the food was amazing. Sometimes ramen can be super salty or they skimp on the fixings. Not the case at Royal Sushi. It was so good and filled me right up.

Thank you Royal Sushi & Bar for being a beacon of hope to these weary travelers.

I felt like Ralphie's family in A Christmas Story. You know, when they ruin the Christmas meal, and the only place open was a Chinese restaurant. Sort of similar.

Also, I would like to note that New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Zeta about a week after we were there. It is very humbling to know that we just missed the storm and it is great to see that the places we patronized seem to be bouncing back and doing fine!

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Royal Sushi & Bar

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