I grew up in Sioux City, the home of Palmer Candy.

Palmer Candy is probably most famous for the delicious Twin Bing!

I know this might surprise a few people, but even though I grew up in Sioux City, I had never been to the Palmer's Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe.

We were passing through Sioux City, coming home from Omaha, and decided to stop in. It's located at 405 Wesley Parkway in Sioux City, near The Hard Rock.

The shop not only sells Twin Bings (obviously), but sweets of all kinds. Fudge, taffy, truffles, pralines, candied nuts, and so on. There was bulk candy for purchase as well as the fancy stuff behind the counter!

And, to my surprise, there were spices, trail mixes, soup mixes, and even salsas as part of Palmer Specialty Foods.

There is also an educational aspect to the shoppe. There is a small museum which details the history of Palmer Candy and the Twin Bing!

However, I was sad to learn that they don't make Peanut Butter Bings anymore.

Oh well, the original Twin Bings are really all I need. So good.





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