Gusty winter winds in the Dakota's can and will move just about anything if it's not tied down.

Need proof? Look no further than the 10 semi-trucks that were tipped over in South Dakota thanks to the 50 to 70 mph wind gusts we received in the state on Thursday and continue to get today here in eastern South Dakota.

Large, heavy motor vehicles weren't the only thing affected. I'm guessing over the past 48 hours Mother Nature might have stolen a garbage can or two, some lawn furniture, maybe a few lawn ornaments, or a handful of outside Christmas decorations from you?  Your plastic Santa has probably moved on to a better life somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska right about now.

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There's a family up in Bismarck, North Dakota that's going to have quite the cleanup project on Saturday when the wind finally dies down to somewhat of a gentle breeze up there.

As Dakota News Now reports, high winds on Thursday relocated what appears to be just about every tumbleweed in the Dakota's into Julie Larson's yard in northwest Bismarck. I hope she has a lot of lawn and leaf bags, she's gonna need them!

Tumbleweed fence in Bismarck
Dakota News Now (with permission)

The wall of tumbleweeds shown in these pictures took refuge against her home's six-foot fence on Thursday (November 11) between the hours of 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM as winds howled through the Bismarck area at around 50+ mph at times.

There's no doubt South Dakota winter winds can be a real pain in the ass some days. But, there has been one benefit to these high-wind warnings over the past couple of days. That ginormous pile of leaves that I needed to rake up this weekend in my yard is gone. Every single one of them. It's a miracle!

More time for college football on Saturday. Sweet! Thanks, Mother Nature!

Source: Dakota News Now


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