Having a pet is definitely a commitment. Caring for a pet takes time, patience, and sometimes a lot of money.

I haven't had a pet since living on my own, in part because I know they can be expensive and I am the type that would pay for a crazy expensive surgery to save a pet.

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We asked the people of Sioux Falls, what is the craziest thing you've done for your pet?

  • We buy our dog her very own gallon of vanilla ice cream, so she gets a bowl of ice cream every night when we have our bedtime snack
  • My dog has her own room!!
  • I have two cats. They are my world. Three years old. I will schedule one of my friends to check on them if I'm gone more than 24 hours for a quick weekend trip. If it's more than 2 days I will bring them with me.
  • I have an allergy to cats and we have five and foster eight kittens... I don't care, cats are awesome haha
  • We used to have a cat that was black with a white belly. Our neighbor shot him because he thought the cat was a skunk. My father spent close to 2000 on surgery for the cat, leg splints, and everything. We lived on a farm and the cat was mostly a stray that we just let the house every once in a while to get warm
  • When we moved from the acreage to in-town, I brought my four farm cats with us. They adjusted really well, but one of them got really fat really fast and neutered males can get a disease called FIP. Brought him in to be tested and it turns out he's just fat with gas
  • We have a bunny and we let him have our whole unfinished basement to roam. He ate our couch and my winter coat and he hates me but I love him so much even tho I can't touch or catch him.
  • Got a painting done of my dog
  • Last year I had found two stray dogs and tried to keep them in our garage but one of them got out when the door got opened and ran into the woods behind our house and ended up jumping into the river for some ungodly reason and me not thinking I have left the garage door open so the other dog was behind me wanting to jump in after his buddy not thinking I ended up getting into the river to get the dog while trying to tell the other dog on the bank to not jump ended up getting the dog, losses my phone wallet and had to go to the Er for hypothermia and it was late fall
  • I had a cat she was an outdoor cat. She got pregnant during labor she could not have the kittens. I took her to the vet they did a C-section. She had four kittens. They did not make it. But she lived for many more years. It cost $400. My husband was in Texas at the time he wasn't too impressed. So she was called the $400 cat after that.
  • My cat Winston lives back home in Minnesota with my parents because I live in an apartment, and he loves being on the farm and going outside. So, I send him care packages once a month with treats and toys, and goodies.
  • We installed a screen doggie door in a window and built a "catio"- screened in box outside a window so our house cat can be outside
  • I sleep on the couch when my dogs take the whole bed at night. I would rather sleep on the couch than make them move
  • My dog Charley had both rear legs surgically repaired because he tore his CCL’s ….ACL’s in humans. $7k later he doing well. He’s 10 years old.
  • My parents and their dog are ridiculous. They wouldn't get a dog when we were kids but as soon as we moved out they got Trixie. She gets more Christmas presents than we do, a Christmas stocking, ice cream treats nightly, has her own blanket and spot on the couch ( that she sometimes is nice enough to let others sit on but if she wants her spot my parents make us get up), and my dad buys her a donut every Sunday morning on their drive.
  • I am 5' tall and my feet hang off the bed because my dog insists on sleeping above me. He also now eats nothing but plain cooked chicken for dinner mixed in with some doggy food. Hell also now sometimes just randomly start doing tricks because he wants a treat. He will go over to where he knows they are and start sitting, he'll roll over, go to his kennel, and sit, anything he knows is considered a trick.
  • Got a black lab for a hunting dog for my husband then spent a couple of hundred dollars on a "one size fits all" hunting vest for him and all sorts of training classes. He's just a fatty and doesn't fit into his one size fits all vest and only fetches his food dish
  • I have a doggie doorbell. My dog rings the doorbell when she needs to go outside. Trips people out if they are not used to it.
  • My roommate and I had a hamster years ago and found out it had cancer so we actually paid a vet to put our hamster down so he won't have to suffer anymore. And we did our actual funeral for him
  • So my daughters each got a hamster... My youngest one named Henry went with her to her dad's and found a lump on his shoulder. So they took him to the vet and they did a procedure to remove it and test it for cancer. However, it was a Friday and they kept him all weekend. It came to 850 !! And he died anyway a week later!!
  • I have a malamute that was rescued from an abusive puppy mill (#adoptdontshop) and he's very skittish but always loves just sitting by the patio door and watching birds so I bought a very nice bird feeder and expensive bird feed so there are more birds for him to watch. He doesn't try to chase or hunt them, just likes watching.

I think my favorites are the story about the rabbit and the last one about the Malamute that likes bird watching. What a good boy!



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