I have a super cool friend who invited me to a concert featuring Tesla, Poison, and Def Leppard. Did I mention that I got to go for free?

Then we show up and not only is it free, but the seats were for the fourth row! I've never been so close at a concert in my entire life!

Thus, my mission began. We were fourth row, but I was the 10th seat over. Just out of reach from Bret Michaels, the frontman for Poison. So, I thought I'll ask these kind people in my row if I can scoot closer for the chance to touch Bret Michaels and they obliged. However, getting to touch Bret Michaels proved difficult.

Here is the first attempt.

Did you see how I was denied!?!?!

But I would try again. Sadly, that was filmed but lost somewhere in phone video heaven.

Anyway, the show went on and I was having a good time and they announced that the next song was going to be their last. This was my last chance! The song: "Nothing But A Good Time" The place: Sioux Falls, SD.

Did you see it? He touched me!

I was excited for my accomplishment, but what I was surprised about was all the reaction from the concert goers around me! The whole row was so excited for me! I was getting high fives and fist bumps all the way back to my seat!

It really was a team effort. I'd like to thank Section C Row 4 for putting up with me running up and down the aisle. I'd like to thank my friend, Aislinn, for inviting me and getting me these sweet tickets and filming the whole thing! And finally, I'd like to thank Bret Michaels for touching my hand.

Day made!

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